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An oracle unexpectedly transforms her destiny when she alters the fate of the man she loves in this thrilling second novel from award-winning romance author Erin Quinn’s captivating new series.

Will love be their salvation . . .

Ryan Love’s life goes up in flames within minutes of coming to the rescue of Sabelle, a drop-dead gorgeous woman who claims she’s there to save him. Still reeling from the explosion that destroys his home and business, Ryan can’t believe Sabelle is who she says: a powerful oracle from the Beyond, but before long Ryan realizes that whether he believes or not, he and Sabelle are in danger and she is the key to survival.

. . . or their downfall?

For years, Sabelle has guided Ryan’s fate, but now she’s fighting for her own survival and she must put her fate in his hands. She’s broken all rules and entered Ryan’s world only to find her powers stripped and their enemies running them to ground. In a race against time, Ryan discovers he cannot live without Sabelle, his seductive and devoted prophet. But can he protect her from the dark forces closing in—or will he die trying?

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Mass Market Paperback - January 27, 2015
Pocket Books
ISBN-10: 147672749X     ISBN-13: 978-1476727493

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